What to do When You’ve Just Been Scammed When Online Dating

scammed when online dating

Russian Girl Who Can’t Speak EnglishThere are a number of folks out there that have been scammed when online dating. People wander through online dating sites with sincere dreams of finding a partner but not thinking about how to protect themselves and their personal data. Anyone that wants to start online dating should do research and read all the horror stories, read about strategies scammers use and figure out hot to best stay safe. We cannot stress this enough – safety must be your number one priority.
If you end up in a situation where you realize that you’ve just been scammed, try not to panic. There are steps you can take in order to minimize the damage:

1. You have given out your bank information…
At this point you need to contact the customer hotline of your bank right away. Explain the situation and you will be recommended a variety of actions you can take. The options are to close your account entirely, change the PINs or the passwords you have. They will update all the info and have your account be protected again.

2. You’ve been scammed on your credit card
To take care of this issue you have to call the bank as well. They will block the card and can monitor the latest activities performed with it. You can then identify which ones were yours and which ones are the scammer’s.
It is important that you only call your credit card company or bank using the number at the back of your card or current statement.

3. You’ve been scammed with identity theft
This one may be the hardest issue to solve because your name is on the line. Start keeping a journal listing activities your name has been involved in. Contact your credit card company to freeze all your accounts. Block all transactions from this point on. Then contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). After that file a complaint to the police and once you are done with that with the National Consumers League at Fraud.org.

4. You’ve been scammed out of money
This is a very typical situation where someone wires over a certain amount of money to someone they’ve met over the web. It is important to understand that you may never see that money again. From this point on you must focus on keeping yourself protected and preventing this from happening again. You have the option of reporting the scammer to authorities on the dating site and also to the police. There is also an option of filing a report to online entities like the IC3 – the Internet Crime Complaint Centre

Remember these points

The tips we’ve provided can help you if you’ve gotten scammed online. Remember them and also do a little bit of research on your own. Keep the following things in mind to keep from ending up in the same situation:

*Learn from your mistakes.
*Limit the personal info you put up on social media sites or your dating profile.
*Cut all ties with the scammer. It is likely that person will try to contact you again to get even more money.
*Always be on your guard.
*Sign up to a dating site that has a proper anti-scam policy.