Everyone has at least some sort of an idea of what kind of a person do they want to date. That includes Russian women as well. One who has heard a lot of stereotypes may be thinking that all these ladies want is a perfect human, a prince with great looks and a Ferrari, but that’s not what we found.

We are here to give you a small list of what Russian women list on their online dating profile:

1. A man who doesn’t hide his feelings.

Unfortunately we live in a world where sensitivity for guys is kind of frowned upon. To explain further, we mean sensitive in a way that you are aware and you consider how she feels. A few traits that are synonymous to sensitive would include understanding and empathy.

Russian women

2. Someone who can take charge.

Russian women are liberated and all that but they still don’t want someone who can’t pull their own weight. You need to be able to make decisions.

Russian women are more independent and tough than your average woman but they still don’t want a softy.

3. Being a provider is still important.

Any woman would want someone who has a stable income. As the man you are seen as the head of the family and are expected to take care of the basic needs of your family.

They desire a feeling of security and stability. This is not to say that you need to provide everything. Russian women typically have a great education and are capable of taking care of themselves but they need that feeling of security only you can offer.

4. A man with respect for women.

Respect is the foundation of a relationship with a Russian woman. They long for someone who lets them be who they are, go after their dreams and support their independence. Let’s just put it this way, if it were you, you would also want a woman who gives way so you can be the best that you can be.

The Similarities

If you look at it clearly, all women regardless where they live want the same things. You can’t be anything and everything personally but if you fit the description of a good man (described with the traits mentioned) then you’ll have no problems getting a serious Russian girlfriend.