When thinking of Russia, the word that comes to mind is “hospitality”. It’s a country where you are welcomed into people’s homes with a lot of warmth. It is definitely a tight knit community where ancient customs are still held precious even though they may be very surprising and overwhelming for some outsiders. We have some tips for you if you are interested in dating a Russian woman. read more

Russian Ladies are Best Wives – But How?

Every man wants to have a perfect life partner for him. The chances of having a great life partner increase many folds when you have Russian women as your life partner. You would have heard and seen that these ladies are most beautiful of all but there is so much more associated with these women other than beauty. The traits that these Russian women possess make them a great choice for a fine and best life partner for all men out there. read more

How to Rule on the Heart of a Ukrainian Woman?

It might be a little difficult to learn the important facts about dating a Ukrainian women, but then no pain no gain. Ukrainian women are known for their character and beauty. They are charming, well-educated and smart. Since these girls are very family oriented, thus they are looking for a guy who is interested in long term relationship rather than short term flings. So in case you want to impress a Ukrainian girl you should pay close attention to family values and traditions. read more