Top 5 International Dating Myths

International dating allows you to expand your horizons and meet people from all over the world. Rather than just focusing on dating in your local area or your own country. You can meet a whole host of interesting, exotic and unique men and women on international dating websites. Unfortunately, many people are wary about the idea of international dating, as they have heard negative things about it. Most of these things are simply myths and misconceptions which are easily dispelled.

Top Five Myths about International Dating

1. People you Meet on International Dating Sites Only Want your Money

Many people believe that most of the members on international dating sites are scam artists who are only interested in getting money from them. However, this is simply not true. The majority of international dating sites are home to people who like yourself, just want to meet someone from another country. Unfortunately, as with any other type of dating website, there may be some users who are interested in trying to scam people out of their money. However, this is only a small portion of the members on international dating sites. You are no more likely to be scammed out of your money on an international site than on a regular dating site. Just remember to always be safe when meeting people online.

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2. It’s Too Complicated to Date Someone from Another Country

Sadly, many people believe that dating someone from another country is not a realistic option. They believe that the whole process is too complicated. However, with advances in technology you can build a relationship with a person from another country fairly easily. Programs like Skype allow you to build relationships with a person online more easily than you could a decade ago. Of course if you get into a serious relationship with someone from another country and you want them to relocate to your country or vice versa, you would have to organize visas and other legal documents.

3. International Dating Sites only Offer Mail Order Brides

When people hear the term “international dating”, they often associate with mail order brides and other negative stereotypes. However, international dating sites are just like traditional dating sites and agencies. They are both designed to bring people together and to help people find a partner. But international sites just focus on uniting people from different countries.

4. People on International Dating Sites just want a Green Card

Many people think that members of international dating sites and agencies only want to meet people so that they can get a green card, move to that country and then end the relationship once they have it. This is simply not true. People in other countries often want to join international dating sites or agencies for the same reasons that you do. They want to meet someone from another country to form a relationship.

5. Relationships Between People from Different Countries Don’t Last

Many people believe that relationships between people from two different countries don’t last. However, many relationships don’t work out regardless of where the couple met. Many couples who meet each other face to face through friends, may break up just as much as people who met their partner on online dating sites. Unfortunately, some relationships simply don’t work out, but many of them do too.

Alex Vidal