dating Russian women

This article is directed at you if you’re interested seriously dating Russian women or already moving your Russian wife over to your country.

There are so many guys interested in dating Russian women because they are notorious for their hot temperament and incredible physical attractiveness. Statistics show that there are plenty of Russian women on the dating market looking to date foreign guys to move out of their country. You should know though that there are some areas where they may not compromise with you:  dating Russian women

They will be expecting a financially stable and settled guy. The work ethic in Russia is much different than anywhere else. The guys aren’t always too interested in holding down a good steady job. The attitude towards work is so relaxed it’s putting Russian women off. This is one of the things that has led so many Russian women to dating foreigners.

Taking relationships seriously. There may be some women who are interested in just messing around for a while but the majority that signs up on online dating sites is ready to settle down to create a family. They will take going out with you seriously and you should always be upfront with your intentions. If you’re looking for some short time fun then just say so.

Russian women are typically very well educated and may expect building a career aside from taking care of the family. Or they may be interested in studying more in the future. They expect the guy who they are with to be well rounded and intelligent. Someone they can be in long conversations with.
An average American guy with a beer in hand and only football to talk about is not going to be enough.

If you’re into partying a lot, love to do some drugs every now and then, love messing around with other women then forget about trying to date Russian women. They will not put up with this kind of behaviour. They’ve already seen it too much on the example of guys who are from Russia. You should have high moral and ethical values to build a serious relationship with women like these.

Flirting is seen as cheating by Russian women and will not be tolerated. These rules sound like a lot to handle, but actually Russian women are perfect partners. They are loyal, they are incredibly hot, they want a family to take care of and a have a happy married life.