First dates often have a lot of pressure involved. More so in the States then in Europe. People think that first dates can often predict if the future of the relationship. It is important that everything goes smoothly. This makes it kind of hard to go on a first date with someone very special especially if it is that hot Russian woman you’ve been so into.

Remember the following tips and your dates will go smoothly:

1. Don’t be Arrogant

Russian womanThe cocky and tough behaviour is something that is much more accepted and even expected in the west. With Russian women it is all about chivalry. Anything else just decreases your chances with these ladies. Be who you really are – that is what they want. That doesn’t mean you must be a pushover. Just don’t act like you are all that.

2. Small Gifts

In the Russian culture it is very typical to bring presents for almost any occasion. Note that the presents do not have to be expensive. A box of chocolates of a bouquet of flowers is perfect for the first date. Anything that is adorable will do the trick. It shows that you care, that you are thinking of her and you want her to feel special.

3. Be Natural

After accepting that you need to be a gentleman and to get her a small gift – the next thing is to figure out where you are going to take her. You want her to feel comfortable on the first date so an expensive restaurant wouldn’t be ideal. It can be reserved for a bigger occasion. An anniversary, an important birthday, celebrating a huge promotion or what have you.

4. Pay On the First Date

It is the gentlemanly thing to do. Any Russian woman is perfectly capable of paying for herself but you taking care of the bill is just nice. You don’t always have to be the one that covers the expenses – you should be doing that at the beginning though.

Remember These Tips

If you remember our suggestions your dates with your special Russian woman will go well. You can surf the web to brush up your knowledge about the Russian culture even more and also return to this site for more Russian dating tips.