Tips for Dating a Russian Woman

Each culture on the planet is unique. If you are interested in dating a woman from a specific culture(a Russian woman in this case), you need to do some homework and learn as much as you can about the country and culture she is from. Even small pieces can help with you dating since they give you an insight into the mind of the person. You will understand the women better if you understand the culture that influences their behavior.

Smiles and Handshakes

Russian womanThis is something you shouldn’t take personally. In the Russian culture, it isn’t very typical to extend your hand for a handshake with a stranger. Especially so for the women. And smiles are reserved for friends and family so you will not be seeing too much friendliness on the street. You may even be surprised and think why everyone looks so serious.

Guest of Honour + Presents

If you are dating a Russian woman and are asked to visit her home, you can bet you will be at the center of attention. Meaning you are going to be well taken care of, well fed and entertained. As a form of thanks, you should bring some presents for everyone in the house. That is a way to show gratitude for the accommodation and the hospitality.


The Russian culture is very superstitious. It looks like they have a superstition for just about any occasion you can think of. Most of them have to do with relationships and love so you may want to read up about those. Hint: getting her even number of flowers as a gift is to be avoided.


In other cultures, the term “friends” can have a very general meaning. For example, in the West, if you meet someone on a hike and enjoy hanging out with them you will call them a new friend. In Russia, it is different. The word has a much deeper meaning than what we are used to. It usually means that people have gone through something difficult together.


Dating a Russian woman should be easier for you if you remember our tips and do a little homework on your own. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips and dating articles in general.