Thoughtful Little Gifts To Bring On A First Date

When going on a date, making a first impression is key. In addition to creating lasting memories and beginning a spark, it’s important to also leave a tangible memento of the date and time spent with one another.

If a date is successful and leads to a relationship, you can look back on the thoughtful little gift and your lady will surely cherish it, even if it’s something that will die or be eaten like flowers or a food item. Use this simple list to incorporate a thoughtful, little gift into your next date.

Whether you grab some flowers, a gourmet food item, card, or small token of thanks, your time with your date will be remembered and will set you apart from others.


Flowers are sometimes cliche and can be overused but can set the mood for a first date. Stay away from the typical 12 roses unless you know beforehand your date likes them.

Try a bouquet that is made up of daisies or even geraniums. The flowers can match the type of date you are taking your woman on. If it’s formal, avoid wildflowers and stick to a more structured bouquet.

You can pick up a bouquet at a specialty shop or simply pick one up at a department store. A formal bouquet will be more structured and will be tied with ribbon or placed in a vase. If you’re going on a picnic or hike grab some oversized flowers that look freshly picked from a garden.

These flowers can look “free” and even a bit messy. A lot of greenery can be used in this bouquet and it will work nicely.

A Gourmet Food Item

Bringing a gourmet food item on a date is a special way of thanking your new romantic interest for a good time. Try picking a food item that your date likes or that they would enjoy trying with you. Special dips, breads, chocolates, or even a bottle of wine make great small, memorable gifts.

Ask your date to enjoy them with you or leave them for when the date is over so she can remember you. Ask ahead regarding allergies or strong dislikes.

A great example would be to bring a bottle of syrup from your hometown to share over pancakes. If you really want to impress your date, make a grab bag of snacks and present it to them for the date.

You can include something savory like peanuts or pretzels and something sweet such as chocolate or fruit. Presentation is key here. Place all snacks in a basket or in a pretty gift bag.

A Card

Handwritten cards are missed greatly by women these days. Writing a small, simple card ahead of time and leaving it with your date is a great token of your appreciation.

It doesn’t have to say a lot. Just remember it needs to be handwritten and it can include a quote, inside joke, or a simple note of greeting. Using personal stationery or buying a blank card will work well.

A Small Item That Represents the Date

Last but not least, you can purchase a small item that represents the date you will be engaging in. If you’re going to a baseball game, picking up a baseball or glove could be thoughtful.

You can purchase your date a little antique box to represent a day of thrifting or even a new visor for hiking outdoors. Remember the gift should not be expensive or over-the-top.

The smaller the better when it comes to the item, just present it in a creative way. It’s a special treat to leave the gift in the car for your date to find or give them when you reach a destination.

Alex Vidal