date with a Russian woman

It is always important to do good on your first date with someone. This is a given. The first date can often foretell the good or the bad to come in your relationship; that is of course if you decide to take it further. Knowing this fact makes it a bit harder to go on the first date with someone especially if it’s a date with a Russian woman who is gorgeous and from a completely different culture.

That is why it is so important for you to be aware of the following when you date a Russian woman:

Don’t be Cocky

That may be seen as attractive in the West. It may be seen as confident but in Russia it’s a whole different story. There is no need to be the tough guy who is “all that”. That decreases you chances of getting the second or third date. What is expected is that you act like your genuine self. That is what is acceptable.

Small Gifts are Appropriate

Now that we’ve gotten past dropping the tough guy act, the second thing to keep in mind is bringing her a small gift. It doesn’t need to be at all expensive. Flowers are a great idea for a first date. Also a box of chocolates will show that you appreciate getting to go out with her. It’s an adorable thing to do and she will be impressed.

Try to Keep it Casual

By now you know you need to be a gentleman and to bring a small gift. The next step is to pick the place to take her.

It is important to make her comfortable so you should take her somewhere casual like a nice restaurant, a coffee shop, a park for a picnic and so on. Taking her to an expensive restaurant isn’t advisable because you don’t want to leave the impression that you’re trying hard to impress her. Make her feel comfortable!


In the Russian culture it makes sense for the guy to be paying for the date. Gender roles are still in play in that part of the world.

Remember the Rules

There are more things to be mindful of and you can do more research on your own. We hope these tips helped you out with your first date with a gorgeous Russian woman.