If you are unaware of the many cultural differences between you and your Russian date then the whole dating process will be an uphill battle for you. People do have some similarities across the globe but a lot of the behaviour is influenced by culture. That is the reason whe created this article – to help you out when you begin dating Russian women. read more


Every country in the world contributes something amazing to the heritage of the world. Russia is no different. The Russian culture has a long and rich history and it just keeps getting better. This article is for online dating enthusiasts who are looking to date Russian women and want to learn more about the culture. Here are some fun facts about the Russian culture: read more

How To Choose The Best Free Russian Dating Website

free russian datingContrary to what many people, especially those in western countries, may have been led to believe there are numerous free Russian dating websites that do not charge their patrons anything for the use of their services. Unfortunately, the number of Russian dating sites that actually charge for the services they provide are more than double the number of free Russian dating sites and therefore the latter tends to get buried and becomes hard to find. Naturally, it goes without saying that it is in your best interest to look for the most affordable online dating sites and so it makes sense to try and find free sites. read more

5 Special But Little Known Qualities Of Russian Women

russian womenIf there are two things that Russian women have become famous for all over the world within the past two decades then they are the beauty of the Russian women and the large number of western men who marry them each year. The first quality is unquestionable- Russian women are undoubtedly among the most beautiful women to ever walk on the face of this planet and that is something that everyone should know. In fact, this is probably the main cause of the other reason why women from Russia have become so popular. Most of the western men are drawn to their beauty and are always trying to marry them. This trend has led to the growth of what have come to be known as ‘mail order brides’. read more

Tips for Dating Single Ladies from Russia

Courting single ladies from Russia online

Men interested in dating single ladies from Russia know that the best way to meet and date these beautiful ladies is through online dating sites. After all, this is the only option if a person doesn’t travel frequently or doesn’t know anyone from a foreign country. There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to dating women online, so below’s a little guide with international dating tips. read more