Stereotypes About Russian Women that Are True

We all have stereotypes about someone or something. What is interesting about them is that sometimes they apply and sometimes they don’t. If you are looking to date Russian women, you are probably familiar with some stereotypes attributed to them. But how to tell which are true and which are not? In today’s article, we are going to take a look at stereotypes that apply to Russian women. read more

Notable Things About The Russian Culture

Every culture has something to offer the world that is unique. Greece, for example, is known for its ancient architecture and philosophy. Belgium is famous for its beer, Italy for pasta and pizza, and so on. Out of all the European nations, there is one distinct culture that stands out from the rest by offering fascinating things to the world heritage. Let’s take a look at the uniqueness of the Russian culture. read more


Every country in the world contributes something amazing to the heritage of the world. Russia is no different. The Russian culture has a long and rich history and it just keeps getting better. This article is for online dating enthusiasts who are looking to date Russian women and want to learn more about the culture. Here are some fun facts about the Russian culture: read more


Every culture on the globe has something great to offer that we can all admire and learn from. Russia’s culture is very unique with how it differs from the Western world. We have listed a couple of things that are different in the Russian culture:

Difference no. 1 – Punctuality Russian culture

In plenty of countries around the world, and most especially so in the US and in Japan, punctuality is considered really important. The saying “Time is Gold” rings true in these places and is almost taken literally. One is expected to meet at a scheduled time and if the time is set for 1 PM then the meeting starts at 1 PM. In these regions people are wary of wasting a minute of their time. read more


In Russia there exists this idea of courtship. The word isn’t often used in the West for casual dating but in Russia it is a big deal. This article gives you information about how Russian women view courtship and dating in general.

1. The Concept of a Russian Princess 

Russian womenThis is a very important point: dating a Russia woman is like dating a princess. That is how they were brought up and treated by their fathers. Therefore they have the expectation that the man in their life will treat them the same way. You must act like a perfect gentleman and treat her and her family well. All the time and not only on holidays and special occasions. read more