This article is directed at you if you’re interested seriously dating Russian women or already moving your Russian wife over to your country.

There are so many guys interested in dating Russian women because they are notorious for their hot temperament and incredible physical attractiveness. Statistics show that there are plenty of Russian women on the dating market looking to date foreign guys to move out of their country. You should know though that there are some areas where they may not compromise with you:  dating Russian women read more


Articles, blog posts and forums are wonderful sources for information if you have a great interest in dating Russian women online. It isn’t that difficult to find these places either because there are so incredibly many of them on the web – people love to share their experiences.

If you’ve been online dating before then you have most likely contributed to some posts yourself but if you’re new, you should be knowledgeable about some acronyms used in the posts, so you could fully understand what’s being said. We decided to make things easier for you and compile a list of 24 of the most commonly used acronyms and add a description: Russian women online read more


In Russia there exists this idea of courtship. The word isn’t often used in the West for casual dating but in Russia it is a big deal. This article gives you information about how Russian women view courtship and dating in general.

1. The Concept of a Russian Princess 

Russian womenThis is a very important point: dating a Russia woman is like dating a princess. That is how they were brought up and treated by their fathers. Therefore they have the expectation that the man in their life will treat them the same way. You must act like a perfect gentleman and treat her and her family well. All the time and not only on holidays and special occasions. read more

Differences in Dating in Europe and in America

This post discusses what is different about dating in Europe and in America. Dating in Europe and in America You may be surprised at how someone from a different culture may view dating and that is the precise reason you should be aware of these differences. datingineuropeandinamerica

Difference #1: Paying for dates

In American culture it is typical that the guy pays every time. In Europe however, people mostly split the bill. It is unusual for guys to take care of everything since in Europe that woman is perceived as being dependent. You can offer to pay some of the time but in general this type of thinking comes across as very conservative to most European women. read more

5 Magical Secrets to Win Hearts of Ukrainian Women

Each year, thousands of Ukrainian women marry foreigners. Men all over the world prefer to marry Ukrainian ladies because they are very intelligent, sensitive, kind, gorgeous, caring and polite. Ukrainian women are ideal for dating and marriage. They have an excellent sense of humor and can also cook delicious foods. Money is not important in a Ukrainian girl’s life; instead, they seek care and love from a man. That is why it is very easy to win beautiful Ukrainian woman’s heart. read more