In Russia there exists this idea of courtship. The word isn’t often used in the West for casual dating but in Russia it is a big deal. This article gives you information about how Russian women view courtship and dating in general.

1. The Concept of a Russian Princess 

Russian womenThis is a very important point: dating a Russia woman is like dating a princess. That is how they were brought up and treated by their fathers. Therefore they have the expectation that the man in their life will treat them the same way. You must act like a perfect gentleman and treat her and her family well. All the time and not only on holidays and special occasions. read more

Dating Beautiful Russian Girls? Read Our Guide

With the increasing popularity of international dating sites, hundreds of men are signing up each day hoping to meet beautiful Russian girls. Men who have been utilising these types of dating services for a while agree that this can be among the best strategies to meet single ladies.

Some guys have been brainwashed by various rumours, myths and stereotypes about dating Russian ladies. As a result of this, those with no knowledge about international dating may possibly be a little bit confused about how Russian dating websites work and what kind of women they can expect to meet. If you want to be successful in online dating, you absolutely must keep an open mind. In case you approach your dating adventure with prejudice, you may have a difficult time finding your perfect match. read more

Going Out With Russian Ladies – Respect Their Traditions!

Russian ladies will definitely not be interested in guys who seem disrespectful to them, especially in relation to their nationality, culture and traditions. For that reason, it really is important to act like a true gentleman at all times, especially if you’re serious about meeting someone on an international dating site. Here is a list of some guidelines that could help guys avoid making the mistake of offending their online partners. read more

Dating Russian Ladies – Impressing the Family

When you’re dating Russian ladies, you should know that it doesn’t differ much from dating other women. Every relationship begins with casual dating and getting to know each other. Then, the dates become more romantic and the relationship more serious. After a while together, many people start considering marriage, however, in Russian culture, it’s necessary to get to know the family first. read more

Beautiful Russian Ladies – Getting to Know Her Family

Stages of relationships do not differ even when you date beautiful Russian ladies. Every relationship starts with the getting to know each other stage. Then next comes the romantic phase where you end up being more intimate and attached to one another. And maybe after that, you would already want to tie the knot? No. It’s very important to get to know the family of your sweetheart first before you can start planning the wedding or your life together. read more