Want to Date Beautiful Russian Ladies Online? Read This First!

If you are one of those guys who’s interested in dating beautiful Russian ladies, signing up with Russian dating sites is your only chance, especially if you don’t live nearby a foreign community. In fact, many guys would agree that this is one of the best ways to make your life more interesting and spice up your love life. Below are three questions that every man who is interested in foreign dating should ask himself. Doing that will give you a clear picture of what you can expect from online dating and it is also the only way to ensure that you get the maximum out of your dating experience. read more

Overcoming the Challenges of Dating a Gorgeous Woman from Russia

Every relationship requires some effort from both partners, but it’s even more true when you’re interested in dating a gorgeous woman from Russia. You may be in touch often, but you’ll still spend most of your time feeling rather lonely and missing your partner. Even though the distance seems like millions of miles, there are plenty of things to do to keep yourself occupied. Having a hobby will make the time go by faster and make you feel like you’re doing something useful with your time. read more

Why Do Western Men Love Dating Russian Women?

dating russian womenOver the last half a decade or so, the internet has been abuzz with many online dating sites offering western men a unique opportunity to get in touch with and date girls from eastern European countries. A particular trend that has really become evident in very large tracts of western countries is that of dating Russian women. The large number of people who subscribe to the sites for this service indicates that there must be something very unique about these Russian women that holds so much attraction to the western men and keeps drawing them in. surely so many people would not be trying so hard to date the Russian girls if there was nothing special about them. So what is it that draws the men to these girls? Here are a few factors that may have contributed to the trend. Note, however, that even though the factors listed below may apply to many of the western men looking for Russian ladies, the specific reason for doing so usually differs from one man to another and is dependent on personal tastes and preferences. That said, below is a list of some of the main reasons why many men are drawn to Russian ladies online.

Dating Russian women is intriguing

If not for anything else, many western men date Russian girls simply because of the intrigue that comes with it. The novelty of dating a Russian girl, and any eastern European girl in general, is exiting and is in itself enough reason for a man to want to try the experience, naturally, most men who start out dating Russian women out of curiosity eventually do find love and settle down

Russian women are beautiful

All the great pictures of amazing Russian women that you see on television and over the internet everyday are not mere creations and fakes- they are real. Eastern European women, especially Russian women, are generally very beautiful physically and, as expected, the physical attributes of the women are like a magnet for many men.

Russian women do better

Because most of the eastern European countries are not as rich or as wealthy as some of the western countries, the lifestyles in the two countries tend to be different. As such, many men living in the latter countries who would be considered average in their own home countries have chances of finding and dating Russian ladies who would probably be way beyond their league if they were from western countries.

To avoid the hustles of regular dating

There is a reason why Russian brides are usually referred to by the not so accurate name of mail order brides. You can meet, date and even plan to wed a Russian girl online without even having met in person at all. Risky as this may sound, there are numerous examples of people that have managed to do so successfully in the past meaning that it can be done.

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Dating Tips – Courting Beautiful Russian Women Online

Beautiful Russian women are the reason why international dating is gaining more and more popularity. They are know for their stunning looks and lovely characters, but also because they respect traditional values. The biggest question that most men are concerned with is how to meet Russian singles if one doesn’t live abroad or near a foreign community. No need to worry, because there are countless sources that could help men meet the right woman. One such is cyberspace. There are tens and tens of different dating sites available on the internet so finding your match shouldn’t be a problem. However, be sure to exercise some caution when signing up with online dating sites. You want to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable website.

Beautiful Russian Women

Russian women know how to take care of themselves and they love looking good for their partners. They make an effort to look fit and choose the right outfits to portray their good sense of style. They are highly regarded because they have been taught from a very early age how to act and attract the attention of men. read more

Beautiful Russian Ladies – Getting to Know Her Family

Stages of relationships do not differ even when you date beautiful Russian ladies. Every relationship starts with the getting to know each other stage. Then next comes the romantic phase where you end up being more intimate and attached to one another. And maybe after that, you would already want to tie the knot? No. It’s very important to get to know the family of your sweetheart first before you can start planning the wedding or your life together.

The majority of Europeans value their families more than anything so you really have to make an effort to get to know your partner’s family. Meeting the whole family is a big deal to them and so it has to be perfect. It does sound a bit stressful, especially if you’re a foreigner but don’t worry because here are a few tips for you to consider before meeting the love of your life’s relatives.

Beautiful Russian WomenTip # 1: Follow the traditions

Bringing gifts to your hosts is a kind of a tradition in Russia and most European countries. If you want to impress your sweetheart’s mother, find out what her favourite flowers are or bring a box of chocolates. Every woman loves receiving gifts and it’s a nice gesture too. Among the best gifts for her father would be a bottle of scotch or wine. For sure, he will enjoy it and he may even ask you to share a few glasses of liquor on that same night.

Tip # 2: Look Presentable

Beautiful Russian ladies like to dress up smart and wear stylish clothes. They also like men who look fashionable. The same opts for their parents. Even though they won’t notice your taste in fashion too much, they will definitely consider your looks and perspective in dressing up to know if you are suitable for their daughter or not. Make sure that you look good, decent, and confident in what you are dressed in. Shave if necessary.

Tip # 3: Express your feelings

What kind of parent wouldn’t like being told what a gread job they did in raising their children. It’s the same idea when you meet your bride’s parents for the first time. Give sincere compliments, express your feelings, and let them know and see how much you love their daughter. This just demonstrates how well you know your sweetheart and how genuine your intentions and interests are.

Tip # 4: Be charming

Being charming doesn’t always mean you have to be extremley good-looking. It’s actually not difficult at all to appear friendly and charming. Just be confident and speak confidently all through your date. Don’t be quiet or shy, offer compliments, share stories, offer your help, etc. Everybody will love you for it!


One last thing before you go to the essential dinner (or lunch) of your life: be genuine and honest. You really don’t need to overdo things. If you’re a nice guy with clear objectives, your Russian woman‘s parents will see that and for sure, they will grant you their blessing.

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