Stereotypes About Russian Women that Are True

We all have stereotypes about someone or something. What is interesting about them is that sometimes they apply and sometimes they don’t. If you are looking to date Russian women, you are probably familiar with some stereotypes attributed to them. But how to tell which are true and which are not? In today’s article, we are going to take a look at stereotypes that apply to Russian women.

1. Patriots

Russian womenRussian people are very patriotic. This applies to both men and women. So, when in conversation with a Russian lady, make sure you don’t say anything inappropriate about her country. Commenting on political leaders in a negative way is very common in the West, but it isn’t the same with Russians. If you want to leave a good impression, avoid opinionizing like this.

2. Dressed to Impress

Another well-known stereotype about these folks is that they are very flashy. And that also applies to both men and women. When you take a Russian woman out, make sure you dress up. A good haircut, nice clothes, the works. These ladies are used to looking their best, so they expect their male counterpart to do the same.

3. Superstition

Russians are in fact very superstitious folk. There are several things you need to know about if you want to date these ladies. For example, you should never get her an even number of flowers because those are brought to funerals. Surf the web for more information about the superstitions they believe in because most of them apply to relationships.

4. Vodka

Perhaps the most popular superstition about the Russian culture is that everyone loves to drink vodka. There is some truth to it in the sense that there always is a bottle on the table when there is a celebration of something. But people don’t go overboard as often as people think. Plus, not everyone takes a shot at events.