If you are interested in dating Russian women, then this article is perfect for you. Have you wondered how much what you think you know about Russian women is true and how much isn’t? The article at hand takes a look at what the most common stereotypes about Russian women are and lists the ones that are true. Let’s have a look.

1. They always dress to impress.

Russian womenWe’ve all heard this stereotype – Russian women always look good. And guess what – it is true. These ladies dress up even if it’s just going to the supermarket. The will look their absolute best no matter what. Note that they want a gentleman by their side who puts some effort into his appearance so you may want to see if your wardrobe is in check.

2. Passionate Patriots.

Another stereotype that is common and also accurate. Russian women LOVE their country. No matter what happens in their political arena – these ladies are always loyal to their state. Important note – it is common for westerners to crack jokes about other nations but you don’t want to do that with these ladies. It will be offensive to them.

3. Superstitious ladies.

Russians, in general, are a very superstitious nation. The women especially so – you may want to look into this, so you don’t accidentally blow your chances. Remember never to give a Russian girl yellow flowers. That is a gigantic no-no. Also don’t get them even numbered flowers.

4. Femininity.

Russian women are very feminine by nature, and they make sure their appearance stresses that as well. That is probably why so many men are crazy for getting a Russian girlfriend. It is just something about their feminine charm that is ever so inviting.