Respond to an Online Dating Proposal – How to do that?

Have you been longing for someone who really likes you? Yes, you have been searching for a person and never got one. One day on a dating site you receive a proposal and the person wants to initiate a chat. Now you are so nervous and excited that you don’t know how to react and what to say. If this is the case, then keep on reading for some advices on how to make your first chat impressive.

Here you will learn how to respond to an online dating proposal

  1. Don’t Appear Desperate

It’s good to welcome them warmly but don’t get too much excited that you appear desperate to them. Don’t praise them too much. Don’t try to get too much concerned in your first dialogue. Show them you like them but don’t over-express your feelings.

  1. Give them Attention

A good listener is liked by everyone. If someone has initiated a conversation then etiquettes demand you to give your attention. Reply to their questions. Ask about their interests. Listen to them. Discuss aims of your life.

  1. Observe the Responses

Try to behave in a decent way. Don’t show off. Don’t reveal most of your personality in first conversation. Observe their response to your questions and situations. Observe, whether they like your jokes or not? Whether your life stories catch their attention or not? If the other person starts getting bore, change the topic.

  1. Be Optimistic

Show them a positive approach to life and don’t behave as a depressed and frustrated person. Show them that you love your life and enjoy it to the peak.

  1. Don’t Show Any Bad Mood Effects

Stay fresh and in a happy mood. A bad mood can decrease the charm of your initial conversation. If you are in a stressed mood, avoid them. Get back to them right after you start feeling good. Try to inject a decent humor in your chat.

  1. Stay Available

Stay responsive and available to the person you met online. Beginning of a relationship demands more time to develop a mutual understanding. If they leave a message for you, respond them as quickly as possible

  1. Understand Them

When other person shares any story or life experience, understand the situation and behave accordingly. Appreciate and congratulate them for their achievements. If they discuss a problem, give them emotional support. Offer your help. Console and encourage them as much as possible for you. They will start loving your company. However don’t make yourself just a supportive person to share sorrows with. Communicate on different topics.

  1. Appear a Responsible Person

People like a person who takes his/her responsibilities. An ideal person is one who makes reliable commitments. A practical personality is always a plus point.

  1. Don’t Let Yourself Be Taken for Granted

Keep in mind if someone initiates a conversation and continues it; he/she really likes you. Don’t lose your charm by giving them extra importance. Show your value and be yourself.

10. Create an Appeal for Opposite Gender

Everyone is attracted by the traits that are specific for opposite gender. Men like a tender woman and women like a strong man. Show them the things they can fell for but don’t exaggerate your qualities.

If you follow these instructions, you can surely respond to an online dating proposal by the best possible manner.