What to Pay Attention to Before Dating Russian Women

Dating Russian women is more popular than ever – both online and offline. There are many guys out there with this goal, and that makes for a lot of competition. If you want to be successful with dating these gorgeous ladies, then there are some things you must keep in mind before getting into it. For one thing, knowing about their culture is vital – our behaviour is greatly influenced by it.

So, what are the crucial thing each guy interested in dating Russian women should know about?

1. Gifts

Russian womenRussian culture and traditions involve a lot of gift giving. You are supposed to make a present for almost any occasion, starting from moving into a new home to any success related to work to meeting someone for a date. The latter is what matters on the topic of dating Russian women – when you go out to meet them, bring a present. Flowers or candy will do just fine. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, in fact, it is better that they are not.

2. Looks matter.

Russian women are dedicated to looking their best. You will find that these ladies will dress up even if it is just for going down to the supermarket. You can bet that they want a guy who cares about appearance as well. If your closet only consists of jeans and t-shirts, then it’s time to hit the store. If you aren’t too good at making the right fashion choices, then there are plenty of clothing stores out there that offer the services of experienced stylists.

3. Being a gentleman.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Russian culture is traditional but isn’t macho. The women are treated as ladies and expect the men to be a gentleman. That involves everything from asking them out first, opening doors, helping them to their seat and so on. Such politeness is expected all over the country in all situations, not just on dates. For example, in public transport, it is customary to give up your seat to elderly folk and women with children. It is considered elementary.

In Conclusion

If you are seriously interested in dating Russian women, then you want to do what you can to learn about her culture and how you are expected to approach them. The success of failure of the relationship is in your hands. Good luck!