What to Do When Your Partner Has Close Friends of the Opposite Sex

love-888343_960_720Friendships consisting of members of the opposite sex are the cause of much debate. Can a man and a woman just be friends and is there any such thing as a genuinely platonic friendship? I believe the answer is yes. With the right guidance, you can give yourself peace of mind and keep irrational jealousy at bay.

The Usual Story

So you have met the perfect woman, things are going well, and your relationship is blossoming into a beautiful and mutually respectful romantic partnership. The next step is the nerve-wracking introduction to each other’s friends. All is going well until she introduces you to her friend, let’s just call him Mike. Mike is conventionally handsome, successful in his work and much of your concern, has a very close friendship with the woman you are dating. That is where things can get complicated. Minor jealousy can soon escalate to a full-blown attack of the green eyed monster. From that point, things are likely to go downhill fast. After all, she went to school with Mike and had only known you for a few months; this is why the careful handling of this situation is critical, or you will find that she is driven from your arms into his.

Honesty is Critical

The first and most important thing to do is not to let your partner know that you are jealous. A little jealousy in a relationship is a good thing, but letting her know you are envious of her friends is a huge turn-off. Although it may be hard, keep it to yourself and focus your energy on the rest of my advice. My second piece of advice is that you must make an effort to get to know Mike. Befriend him, become a part of their friendship circle and go out of your way to be nice, polite and respectful to him at all times. This approach will benefit you in two ways – your girlfriend will be enamoured with the lengths you are going to to get to know her social group, and Mike will know that you mean business and by bonding with you, he will realise that he needs to back off.


This advice is tried and tested and following it should help you to ease any negative feelings towards Mike. Or any other male friends that she may have. But if that green-eyed monster ever shows his face, always remember, there is a reason she is with you and not with him.