Online dating – How to Ask a Girl for Date?

Ask a Girl for Date

Online dating is all about a personalized search for a mate over internet. You can search people according to your criteria like age, gender and location etc. Online dating is becoming very popular with time. Now finding your dream guy or girl is not merely a dream. However, once you found someone worth falling for, you must need to approach them. It can be a problem for you when you are a shy person and have no experience so you must learn how to ask a girl for date. It is probably the most nerve racking task for you, but with these simple tricks you can overcome your nervousness.

  • Improve your profile:

When you find a girl on the dating site and really like her, you need to perform a little homework before approaching her. Deeply observe her profile and try to understand her interests. Then polish your profile according to her criteria but don’t lie. Never include any false details. You can change your profile picture; you can add some amazing pick up lines but don’t stuff the profile with any inappropriate information.

  • Approach her:

When you are done with your profile, message the girl you like. Use the most decent way to show your interest in her. Don’t over-exaggerate the feelings and don’t write too much. Simply leave a short text and seek her response. Don’t message again and again. Don’t look weird or crazy to gain her attention.

  • Be yourself:

When the girl responds, communicate with her and develop understanding. Don’t try to get too much personal in the first conversation. Try to leave a good impression on her mind. Chat nicely and be polite. Don’t show any kind of desperation for her. Show your interest in her to some extent. It is the most important thing that you need to be yourself. Don’t give any miss statement or false information about you. Don’t behave different from your nature.

  • Be confident

Girls like confident guys a lot. Try to overcome you nervousness and insecurities. Believe that you are perfect and bring confidence in your attitude.  Show a smart side of your personality and be humorous. Talk with girl in a very friendly manner and show your passion for her. Ask her the phone number to get closer. Give her attention and listen to her. It gives a positive impression on the girl’s mind.

  • Ask a Girl for Date

When you want to meet the girl, ask for date in person. Never leave a text message asking to meet. Call her on phone and talk her about meeting and spending some time together. Show her your interest to meet and see her face-to-face. Be very much friendly and confident in asking for date. Try to ask in very light way without forcing her to meet. Ask her opinion about date and discuss your interests.

When you ask a girl for date, be ready for both positive and negative responses. If she says “yes”, it’s great. If she refuses, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Change the topic and wait for the right time.