Obvious Reasons Why Online Dating Fails

Online Dating Fails

Online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet people these days. It’s quick, it’s efficient, you don’t have to go on blind dates, spend time in bars trying to meet people, and so many other little nuances. It can lead to love stories out of romance novels if you meet the right person off the bat. Online dating is also very popular because it is so convenient. You can sit in the warmth and safety of your own home and look through websites trying to find your match. You can talk to many people over the internet, laugh a little and even make some great friends along the way. You could even find a long lost love! Apart from that internet dating means you can broaden your horizons. You can date people from other countries and cultures! So if internet dating has so many great benefits, why does it fail so much more often than it succeeds?

There are many reasons for this, if truth be told. Starting with the most obvious, there are very high set expectations. When you’re talking to someone online, they may be a different person. They may be more confident when they are behind a computer screen as opposed to when they’re actually sitting in front of you. This may just be nervousness or a touch of social anxiety, but it can leave a lasting impression. Another thing is that people post their best pictures on their dating websites. Some of these may be photo-shopped, taken in great light, a lot of makeup and other such things, and when you actually meet them, they may seem completely different. This can put a lot of people off. Some people may even feel cheated!

One of the reasons why online dating fails is that there are many people just looking for a laugh or for a fling. For someone looking for a serious relationship, these are potential hazards. The person may break your heart, and that will take you off the online dating experience completely. Another reason online dating fails so frequently is that people start talking long distance. At the start, this seems like it will work out, but then it turns out to be impossible. That can take a toll on both parties involved.

So if you’re looking to date someone online, make sure you are aware of all the risks that may be involved in it and that you’re ready to face them.

Good luck!