Notable Things About The Russian Culture

Every culture has something to offer the world that is unique. Greece, for example, is known for its ancient architecture and philosophy. Belgium is famous for its beer, Italy for pasta and pizza, and so on. Out of all the European nations, there is one distinct culture that stands out from the rest by offering fascinating things to the world heritage. Let’s take a look at the uniqueness of the Russian culture.

1. Palaces

Russian womenTake a look at historical cities such as Moscow or St Petersburg. Part of the greatness of these places are the amazing palaces that offer stunning architecture. The intricateness, the enormousness, and majesty of the grand palaces is virtually unmatched.

A good example is the Peterhof Palace located in the town by the same name. The palace is also called the Russian Versailles and was built in 1725 by orders of Peter the Great. The Peterhof Palace isn’t the only one to be admired. There are also the Winter Palace, Alexander Palace and much more.

2. Ballet

A significant number of hugely talented ballet dancers and composers come out of Russia. The dance culture is very popular and to this day, there are fantastic ballets created and recreated. You may have heard of Bolshoi Ballet or Mariinsky Ballet, both immensely successful classical ballet companies who enjoy ventures around the globe.

3. Superstition

Russian people are very superstitious. One might say the most superstitious nation on the globe. The majority of these beliefs revolve around love and relationships and are followed religiously. If you ever date a Russian, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn as much as you can about love superstitions. You can avoid many an argument like that.

4. Gymnastics

If you know anything about this subject, then you are aware that Russians are always on the top podium when it comes to gymnastics. Have a look at the number of gold medals they have won in this field. Astonishing.