New to Cyber Dating? We’ve Got 5 Tips to Help You Out!

A guide to Cyber dating

Cyber dating sites are gaining more and more popularity as more than 40% of singles are currently using some type of online matchmaking services. While the percentage of online daters is relatively high, the success rate stays quite low, somewhere around the 10% mark.

There could be a number of reasons why some sites “work” while others don’t. These sites could have a larger member base or provide a better user interface. However, what matters more than the website you’re registered with is how you use that site. We’ve compiled a list of five tips to help men succeed in online dating. These tips seem rather basic and obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many people do not bother to “do” the obvious.

  • Complete your dating profile in full

This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to using cyber dating sites to find love. Your profile is the first thing a woman will see so it needs to have that something extra which will catch her attention. Take time to describe yourself as much as possible. Write about your interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, the kind of women you like to date, etc. Explain to the ladies why you think you’re a great catch by describing your best qualities.

Cyber Dating

  • Upload a photograph

Don’t forget to upload a couple of photos of yourself to complete your dating profile. Even if you don’t have any recent or professional ones, choose a picture where you look relaxed, laughing or smiling. 90% of people will not contact someone if they didn’t have an image so it’s important to upload at least one.

  • Be proactive

Being active on your chosen dating site is the second important thing. There’s no use just registering and then waiting for others to contact you. Look through the database often for new members as most websites gain new users daily. Once you’ve found a couple of ladies who interest you, email them straight away or send them a friend request.

  • Carefully craft your emails

The first email you choose to send out will determine whether the lady will answer you or not. Just like you use your profile to leave a good first impression, so will you use your introductory letter. If you plan to use the same default letter for each and every woman, you might as well quit now. You need to read the profile of each woman and respond to what you read there. Every woman may have different goals and interests and you need to explain to them why you think they’re a good match.

  • Visit your dating site often

Make sure you check back with the site regularly to see new members who signed up while you were offline. Your perfect match might have become a member just then so make sure you don’t miss out! Another good thing about logging in often is that your profile will move up on the page, so more people will be able to see you and contact you. Make sure you check back with your dating site at least once a day until you find the woman of your dreams.