In the online dating world, dating Russian women is very popular. However, successfully dating them is no easy feat. You will need to put effort into it but not to worry – it won’t feel like hard work if it is for a gorgeous girl. Rushing into online dating them isn’t a good idea. Before you do that there are some things you need to be aware of – like what you should avoid doing. We are here to help you out and have put together a list of five things you should not do:

1. Show off with money.

dating Russian womenThe mail-order-bride boom has done a lot of damage to Russian women who are online dating. It is often said that they must be gold diggers. So you should keep from spending a ton of money for gifts. Otherwise, it comes across that you feel the same way about them – that all they want are lavish gifts and dinners at expensive restaurants. Bringing a bouquet of flowers and chocolate as presents will do just fine.

2. Fall for an idea.

Most of the communication in online dating is via the virtual world and it can happen that people put too much imagination into play. That means that they start interpreting the answers and behaviour of the ladies in the way that they want it to be. Rather than taking it for what it is. It is so easy to make someone into what they are not. Just stay level-headed and realistic.

3. Rush with decisions.

Point number 3 has something to do with the previous point. When you fall for an idea rather than a real person, it is so easy to make quick decisions and rush into visiting her, sending her money or even getting engaged. You need to be careful with online dating and not let your emotions make you do foolish things.

4. Not showing interest in her culture.

Westerners often have an interesting perspective that since so much of the world is speaking English or learning it; they must all know everything about the Western culture. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to talk about their culture and forget to ask about the woman’s culture. Don’t you make the same mistake? It will put her off very quickly.

5. Looking for a trophy wife or girlfriend.

We get it – everyone wants a gorgeous partner. Somebody that will impress all your friends as well as every stranger on the street. There are almost no emotions attached to this kind of a relationship. If you are looking for a long term relationship, then be upfront about it.


If you are interested in dating Russian women, then you should do homework beforehand. Good luck with your online dating and come back soon for more dating tips.