How to Keep Your Beautiful Russian Bride Interested

Ways to charm a beautiful Russian bride

It’s possible that you have met a beautiful Russian bride who you really like. You’ve already exchanged some letters, but then suddenly she disappears and  you have no idea why.

It’s natural to make mistakes, but they matter a lot when it comes to Russian online dating. If you keep making the same mistake over and over again, the woman will even think that you’re a moron. If you want to be successful in dating a beautiful Russian bride online, read our tips below.

1. Discussing heavy subjects too early in the relationship

With thousands of gorgeous Russian women on online dating sites, it’s no wonder that many men want to take their relationship to the next level as soon as possible. The only thing, discussing topics like engagement and physical intimacy isn’t the best way to do it. You need to put in some time and effort to get to know your cyber partner before approaching topics like this. If you want to scare off a woman, there’s nothing better than discussing an inappropriate topic too soon.

Beautiful Russian Bride

2. Demanding to know what she does on her free time

With so many different social networks available today, it’s not difficult to find out what a person is doing at any time of the day. However, just because it’s possible to find that out doesn’t mean you should. If your partner discovers that you’ve been spying on her, she might think that you’re a stalker and stop all communication with you.

3. Sending messages/texts/emails too often

You should be patient when waiting for your beautiful Russian bride get back to you. Just because she’s not answering your texts instantly doesn’t mean you need to message her until she does. There could be plenty of reasons why she hasn’t done it. Maybe her lifestyle is rather busy or she just doesn’t check her emails that often. Either way, a bunch of unanswered messages will make you look desperate and needy.

4. Bothering a woman who doesn’t show any interest in you

Women in general are great at dropping meaningful hints. If all your emails to her are three pages long and she answers with one line it should be obvious enough that she has no interest in you. You will definitely know if a woman is intrigued by you.

5. Talking about past relationships

Yet another surefire method for scaring off a woman would be discussing earlier relationships too frequently. You can’t win either way. You may scare your current partner away when you say negative things about your ex as she’ll wonder if you’ll ever say the same about her. Painting a beautiful picture of your ex-partner could indicate you’re still not over her, so the best thing is not to discuss this topic at all.

We all make mistakes every once in a while and just because one woman lost interest doesn’t mean you won’t find anyone who will like you back. Be sure to stick to the suggestions above and marrying the beautiful Russian woman of your dreams might become a reality.

Alex Vidal

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