Every culture has something unique to offer to the rest of the world. For example Italy is known for being the creator of pasta and pizza, Greece is known for philosophy and England for its beautiful countryside. Out of all European countries Russia is one of the most mysterious ones. It has a rich and complicated history. This article details 5 unique aspects of the Russian culture. read more


It is always important to do good on your first date with someone. This is a given. The first date can often foretell the good or the bad to come in your relationship; that is of course if you decide to take it further. Knowing this fact makes it a bit harder to go on the first date with someone especially if it’s a date with a Russian woman who is gorgeous and from a completely different culture. read more

Marrying Foreign National Woman Is Fun

Marrying in your own culture can be a bit difficult to handle, but imagine marrying foreign national woman! Sure, it seems fun. You met someone online, you fell in love and you decided to get married. What could go wrong, right? Wrong! There’s a lot at stake when two people are getting married, and there’s even more at stake when you’re marrying foreign national woman. It may seem like a lot of fun, and she may bring a lot of new things into your life, but in the long run, it can be difficult to manage. read more

Tips for Maintaining Relationship with a Foreign Partner

Love is above all the factors including distance.  People can fall in love with person living at hundreds of miles away from them. There may be a case where people are married and have to live separate due to a job transfer. Online dating is also an important factor in long distance relationships. Maintaining a relationship with a distance and busy life is challenging and tough. However if both the partners are sincere with each other than it is a piece of cake. read more

International Dating – Overcome Issues While Dating Internationally

In modern culture, the dating is extremely important as a social convention. The major reason is that it is presumed as what brings two people together. There are a few different kinds of dating, with each kind having its own unique characteristics. International dating, also referred to as long distance dating, is the kind of dating where a person living in one country dates a person living abroad. Gone are the days when long distance dating was undoubtedly the toughest and hardest kind of dating because the people who used to be engaged in it, had to tackle a number of problems. Online International Dating could make it possible and miracle this has had happened just few years back. read more