Impress Russian Models With Your Knowledge of Their Country

There is certainly nothing more attractive to Russian models than a man who shows true interest in their life in Russia and makes an effort to know more about their traditions. It might seem obvious, but most men on Russian dating sites know nothing at all about the history of old Russia. Below are a few straightforward approaches to learn more about your favorite woman’s home country.

Learning the language

If you want to impress your Russian woman, learning the basics of the Russian language is a sure way to do this. She will find it endearing and it will also be very good for your personal growth. It will make it easier to communicate and it will also be useful when you finally travel to Russia to meet your beautiful lady in person. Even if the relationship doesn’t work out, speaking another language can benefit you later on.

Russian Models

Study basic history and geography

If you are dating a Russian lady, it is very valuable to get to know the landmarks of biggest cities in Russia and you should learn about the significant events that most influenced the history of her country. Specific consideration should be paid to the district or part of city your darling is from. If you are unsure of exactly where to begin, browsing articles on the web is a good way to start. Naturally, you can’t know everything about her culture, but knowing more than a typical American man does will certainly impress your Russian chat partner and give you a better understanding of her.

Get to know her culture

Experiencing new things and learning about stuff like special holidays, traditional foods, etc. is one of the best things about international dating. Ask your Russian woman what kind of food she enjoys, how she usually celebrates the biggest holidays in Russia, and what traditions and beliefs she considers to be most important. You could also go to culture events in your community, look up recipes of Russian food on the net and read books about Eastern European countries.

Knowing the stereotypes is important

It’s always important to keep an open mind and not take silly stereotypes seriously. Most ladies will probably be hurt and annoyed if their boyfriend recited unfair stereotypes like true facts. Here is a list of most typical untrue stereotypes about Russian models.

1.    All beautiful Russian women on dating websites are gold-diggers who are only interested in money
2.    Women from Russia are all miserable and poor
3.    All Russian dating sites pay local women to chat with foreigners
4.    If a guy spends enough money, he can get any woman on the dating site

Obviously, some of these stereotypes may apply to some women, but they are definitely not universal to all Russians. You shouldn’t let the false stereotypes get in the way if you really want to know a woman from Russia.

Being able to speak basic Russian and knowing facts about Russia’s history, geography and culture will definitely impress the woman of your dreams. It will also be a useful skill to have.

Alex Vidal