In Russia there exists this idea of courtship. The word isn’t often used in the West for casual dating but in Russia it is a big deal. This article gives you information about how Russian women view courtship and dating in general.

1. The Concept of a Russian Princess 

Russian womenThis is a very important point: dating a Russia woman is like dating a princess. That is how they were brought up and treated by their fathers. Therefore they have the expectation that the man in their life will treat them the same way. You must act like a perfect gentleman and treat her and her family well. All the time and not only on holidays and special occasions.

This may give you the impression that Russian women must be very diva-ish with their attitude but this just means they are centered on being treated with respect and admiration. If you think about it you want to be treated very well as well. Just make her feel cherished and she will be perfectly happy.

2. She is the Only One

During the dating stage Russian women expect to be the only one you are seeing. Western dating culture differs from the Russian one in this respect. In the States it makes sense to be going out with several people at the very beginning but it’s different in Russia. It tells Russian women that you aren’t interested enough.

3. She is Alluring

Another key point you must keep in mind. She will be charming, seductive and enticing but she won’t be the one pursuing you. In their culture you, as the man, are expected to make the moves. As mentioned earlier – she likes to be treated like a princess.

4. Moving Forward

When you date a Russian woman you need to be very clear with your intentions towards her. Simply going out with her will give her an idea that you may want to take further steps in your relationship. Figure out what it is that you want and be open and honest about it. You won’t get away with anything else in the Russian dating culture.

5. Family and Friends Play a Role

Things are most likely different in your home but in Russia the opinion of family and friends matters a lot. If you are dating her you need to make an effort to spend time with her family and friends as well. Be who you are, be genuine and kind and try to win them over.

Be open to learning about her culture

Russians are very proud people and if you date Russian women you are expected to learn about their country. Follow our advice and enjoy your dating experience. Check back soon for more Russian dating tips.