Your Guide to Dating Russian Women – Finding Your Anastasia Has Never Been Easier!

Russian women are well known for their beauty and charm. There are many men who are interested in international dating and have been looking for their prefect match, their very own Anastasia or Dasha. There are a few things to keep in mind before you start seeing Russian ladies on the internet or in real life. If you wish to make a Russian lady feel more loved, it is best to court her according to her customs, preferences and likes.

Steps to Take When Online Dating


The first step: If you intend to court a Russian woman online, it is very important that you remain honest regarding your identity and interests during your courtship. If you’ve found your perfect match on a dating site, message her to display your fascination with her. If her response to you indicates that she feels the same way, you could move the potential romance to the next level.

Get over your virtual relationship: Don’t enjoy an online relationship for too long, since it’s useless dreaming if you never even meet the actual Russian girl. Nowadays, modern technology provides many ways to get in touch with people sitting at the other side of the planet. It’s common to carry cell phones and have computers with internet access. If you met your chosen lady on an international dating site, you can ask her if she is willing to speak to you via Skype. It’s best to also obtain her phone number so that you can call her a few times to get to know her better before you organize the first meeting. If the woman you are interested in says that she does not have a mobile phone, or she cannot talk on the video chat, take this as a bad sign. When that happens, the lady is either not into you or she isn’t real.

Move your relationship further: If you have been dating online for a while now, it’s not a bad idea to move the relationship to another level and meet in person. That way there’s no room for deception. There are lots of guys out there who are not comfortable with meeting their Russian beauties in person. These men can send emails for months, but they’re scared to do anything else to move the relationship further. On the other hand, some guys hate the idea of wasting time on planning and are eager to move on as quickly as possible. As soon as you are ready to move forward, approach your sweetheart sensibly. She’ll be impressed by your gesture and she’ll know you are serious about making this relationship work. Nowadays, it’s as easy as ever to get in touch with people who live far from you, so make sure to use this to your advantage!

Set up a date: From the moment you first get in touch with her, you can think of her as your online partner. Now, setting up a personal meeting shouldn’t take too long as you have been chatting with her regularly. You should leave it up to your sweetheart to decide how and where she wants to meet you for the very first time. Some of the girls wouldn’t mind it if their online partner came to their home town. Then again, you could take her to a different country instead. Don’t take too long organizing your first real date with your girl. If you have a feeling that things have been going very well, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet her in real life. No doubt she will be happy about your decision.

Alex Vidal