Got the girl? Now Avoid One of the Biggest Turn-Offs

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So you’ve found the girl of your dreams, and things are progressing at a nice pace. As the relationship grows and you start to become more familiar with your girlfriend it can be tempting to start calling her by a pet name such as ‘baby’, ‘hun’ or ‘sweetie’. You may think that this is an innocent sign of affection and something that she might love, but this may not always be the case. Read on to find out more about the biggest turn-offs you can do.

Biggest Turn-Offs You Have To Leave Behind

Pet Name? What is That?

Let us think for a moment about what a pet name is- it is generic, one size fits all, a cute word given to a romantic lover or partner. There is nothing generic about your partner so why would you call her by a nickname that would imply this? More importantly, no woman wants to be called by a name that you have probably given to a previous lover. The chances are that one of her ex-partners has also called her by this name, so why would you want to remind her of a past lover when she is now happy with you? And I’m sure we have all heard those jokes about calling girls ‘baby’ when you are dating more than one person at the same time, to avoid getting their names confused. That is not the impression that you want to be giving your girlfriend.

Take a Different Road

So what do you call her instead? The best name to call the object of your affections is by her given name. It implies respect and that you see her as an individual, unique and special person. Over the course of time and as you get to know each other better it could be that an original pet name becomes apparent. Perhaps from a secret in-joke between you both, a funny story she tells you or something sweet that she does. Under these circumstances, it is nice to refer to her by this nickname, but please ensure that it is original and she can be sure that it has not been used on any previous girlfriends.

Last Piece of Advice

Think of it this way- how would you feel if she called you by her ex partner’s name? It wouldn’t feel good, so please ignore the love songs, the movies and what you think women want and call her by her name until you can come up with an original alternative.