dating younger Russian women

Numbers show that when it comes to online dating, most of the men who are looking to date women are older. Older being 40+. Most of the women looking to date men are younger – 30 or younger. Some begin searching for a partner at the age of 18. Depending o which region they are from. Usually the younger women are from Eastern-Europe and the men from Western countries.

This article takes a look at how you can get past the age gap when dating a younger woman. Understandably it may make you a bit nervous. Is it going to work? Do you have a future and so on. Let’s have a look at how to beat the age factor when dating younger Russian women.

1. Looking at the Studies

dating younger Russian womenSimply look for information about younger women dating men that are older. You will undoubtedly be surprised about what is out there. Here are some examples?:

Russian women prefer dating older men for the following 2 reaons: emotional and financial security. They apperiate life experience, someone who is stable and has their priorities sorted.
They also date older men because they are much more likely to stick with the relationship – they are more resposible.

2. You’re As Old as You Feel

That does not mean one should get into the style that younger men are into. We are saying that age is only a state of mind. Only a number. The body ages, but the mind is still vital. What is important is feeling good about yourself, having goals and ambitions in life, excercising and eating right.

3. The Inside

The most cliche thing we could probably say is that it is the inside that matters. But it’s true and therefore deserving of being mentioned. Russian dating culture differs from what westerners are used to. Women want their men to look nice but don’t care if they aren’t into fashion. The character, the attitude, the personality is what is key. All doors are open to you if you are honest, sincere, galant and corteous.


These pointers about how to get past the age difference when dating younger Russian women are rather basic but should help your situtation. Come back soon for more Russian dating tips and good luck.