How to Get a Russian Woman’s Attention Offline

Looking to date someone from a different culture and you’ve picked Russia? This article is all about how to get a Russian woman’s attention off the web. Dating internationally can be a serious uphill battle unless you know what you are doing. We are glad that you are the most proactive type and are doing the right thing – looking for any and all information you can on the subject. Let’s take a look at what can get you ahead with grabbing that much-needed attention.

1. Dressing Up

Russian women are all about looking their best and therefore they expect the man in their life to know how to dress up as well. If you aren’t the sharpest dresser, then head to any upscale clothing store, and you can get advice from a stylist. If a wardrobe upgrade isn’t necessary for you but you are just used to wearing jeans and a T-shirt then simply change into smart casual when you go to ask a Russian woman on a date. Note that a good haircut is also necessary, not only good clothes.

2. Confidence

These ladies are more than used to guys trying to get their attention. Your approach should be all about confidence. Say you are at a bar, and you notice someone attractive, don’t walk up to them right away – instead, hang back and send them a drink. Continue your conversation with your friends for a while and then make your move. It may sound bizarre, but this behavior comes across very attractive.

3. Being a Man’s Man

Russian women have grown up in a society where gender roles are still firmly in place. That means that good mannerisms go over the best. You should be a mixture of an old school type of a guy and a modern guy. Modern in your looks and traditional in your behavior. Bringing flowers to the first date, paying and helping her to her seat should all be a must when you go out.