Russian relationship

Russian women are more superstitious than women from other countries. It is just something natural about their culture. Majority of the superstitions revolve around relationships and love. When you want to date Russian women you really should know what those are so nothing funny catches you of guard. You may accidentally offend her or put yourself in an embarrassing situation. So what are the most common Russian relationship superstitions?

1. Feet

Russian relationshipThis has to do with accidentally stepping on someone’s foot. If you step on her foot because you weren’t watching your step – she needs to do the same thing to you. So don’t be surprised if she does it right back to you. The saying goes that unless you do that your relationship will suffer a storm of quarrels. You may think that is kind of dumb but you can bet she doesn’t.

2. Looking Back

This superstition is about weddings. The story goes that you are not supposed to look back over your shoulder when you are on your way to church on your special day. The urge must be resisted even if you see something incredibly interesting from the corner of your eye. The whole idea is that if you do look back it shows that you are missing your former life, former home and so on. A wedding day is supposed to be a celebration of new things, isn’t it?
This applies to both men and women.

3. Rings

In Russia when you’ve gotten married you aren’t supposed to take off your wedding ring to show it to others. When you are asked to do this in the States it is no big deal. But in Russia you can show it by simply holding up your hand. Removing the ring would mean like removing all the love and happiness that comes with your marriage. If you ever get married to your Russian girlfriend make sure you don’t mess up with this one because it means so much bad luck.

4. Flowers

Russian women are used to getting a lot of flowers and it is a tradition that shouldn’t end. There are two important things to remember about flowers before you buy your date any.

1. Don’t buy yellow flowers – The colour yellow is tied to some very unfortunate people and events in the Russian history so if you do buy flowers – go for anything but not yellow ones.

2. Odd works (for gifts and dates) – By odd we don’t mean unusual flowers like black roses or anything. What we mean is the number of flowers you get. Russians give even numbered flowers for funerals and odd numbered for all else. Make sure you remember to get the right numbered flowers for your Russian date.