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So you are new to online dating and want to start with finding the best site available. What are the criteria you should be paying attention to?

There are many people with the same question and this article focuses on this subject.
While there are many things to pay attention to when picking out a site, we have narrowed the list down to 3 of the most important ones.

online datingThe first thing you want to do is search for sites that cater specifically to men interested in dating Russian women. Copy the list down and begin rating them by taking into account the following:

1. Safety

The most important factor to take into account is safety. Online dating offers wonderful opportunities but can also be dangerous. How to make sure you are safe on the site?

a)Make sure the site has a tough anti-scam policy.
b)Read through their terms and conditions sections as well as the privacy policy.
c)Check for a money-back guarantee.

The site you pick needs to have all three. There is no use of having a good privacy policy but not offering a money-back guarantee. A site that uses all three options cares about customer safety and a site without them – simply does not.

2. Reviews

Read all reviews – not just the good ones. It is important to get an objective view of any particular portal. Note that there are also competitors for each site so some reviews may be strategical. But the general understanding is still valid. Take into consideration:

a)Read the stories.
b)Make sure they are recent.
c)Compare the negative and positive.
d)Look for forums that discuss these dating sites you have listed.

3. Experience

The first two criteria give you a general idea of how a site is. The next thing you want to do is test it out for yourself. What to keep in mind:

a)Database – The site should have a large number of Russian women.
b)Features – High quality and acceptable pricing.
c)Services – Translation, gifts, tours and so on.

The best thing about modern day online dating sites is that you can check all three criteria on your list without having to enter any credit card information. The best sites offer a free trial membership.