Establishing a Relationship with a Ukrainian Woman

Relationship with a Ukrainian Woman

`Establishing a relationship with any woman, even from your own country, requires understanding, negotiation and compromise. In addition, a relationship with a Ukrainian woman requires some insight into her culture and motivations.

Readiness for a Relationship

Western men often seek relationships with Ukrainian women because they have become disillusioned with the expectations of women in their own countries. It is important to realize that whilst the expectations may be slightly different, Ukrainian women also have desires such as love, respect, support and companionship. You must be prepared to leave the baggage of past relationships behind and be ready to enter a new relationship with fresh ideals. A relationship with a Ukrainian woman will not mend a broken heart; only you can achieve that through time and patience.

Ukrainian Women Who Seek Foreign Men

Despite the hype, the majority of Ukrainian women do not seek foreign men as partners in marriage. Ukrainians tend to be very family-orientated, so most Ukrainian women would not consider moving to a country where she has no family or friends. This means that women who seek foreign men for dating and marriage are more determined and goal-oriented than many of their sisters. Maybe they are poor and this is a way to have a family without facing a daily financial struggle. Work-wise, Ukrainian women are generally faced with a much tougher glass ceiling than western women. It is therefore possible that the woman you wish to date is hoping for a husband who supports her need to work and shares responsibility for household duties.

This is good news for you. It means that the Ukrainian woman you wish to date is smart, creative, strong, proud and capable. It also means that you should forget stereotypes and ask about her goals and needs in a relationship. Ukrainian women tend to be more direct than western women, so you should be able to establish this quite easily.

Language Barrier

English is commonly taught in Ukrainian schools but few women speak it fluently. Use simple words and phrases to ensure that your messages are clear. Use a translator you can trust to convey more complex ideas. It generally takes a Ukrainian woman about six months after she moves to your home country to become comfortable with the English language.

Take it Slowly

Take your relationship with a Ukrainian woman slowly, just as you would in the west. Use your intuition and commonsense to make sure everything feels right before leaping in head first. Remember that all good relationships are built upon mutual trust and appreciation. If you follow these principles, your relationship with your Ukrainian sweetheart will be fulfilling and successful.