Drawbacks of Dating Russian Girl Who Can’t Speak English

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No one denies to this fact that love has no language. People say that if you fall in love with someone, you forego all other minor details that are related to her. You do not get concerned about other matters and the most important thing for you is your relationship with her. This can be true to some extant but, in the real world, a lot of things matter. If, being a Western guy, you fall in love with a Russian girl who can’t speak English, you will get into great trouble later on.

Opposites Attract

No matter how attractive the phrase “opposites attract” sounds, the reality is always bitter. If you are a Western guy and fall in love with a Russian girl who can’t speak English, you might find it delightful during the initial days. As the time will pass, you will start getting irritated and would feel furious. The thing that you found cute once would turn into the most frustrating thing ever. Rather than attracting each other, you might start repelling each other in the end.

The Russian Women

Russian women are different from Western women in every aspect. They are far more sophisticated and classy. When a Western man meets a Russian girl, her sophisticated nature will attract him the most. The magnificent accent will make him fall in love with her. He would love to listen her all day long without understanding even a single word. He will be fascinated and enthralled. The most important thing is that he would love to introduce his girlfriend to his friends. Having a “foreign” girlfriend would initially be something to be proud of. Later on, this proud thing will turn into the biggest nightmare.

The Barrier of Language

The barrier of language will ultimately take a toll on your relationship. Explaining things to each other would become the most irksome thing. If you introduce her to your family, high chances are that your family will not like her much. The main reason behind it would be the inability to communicate with her freely. She will find it a bit difficult to mingle among people who speak an extremely different language from her. She will get uncomfortable and would rather want the meeting to end soon.

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences are also a prominent issue when you date a foreigner girl. She will not understand the language neither will she identify the beliefs and values prevailing in that particular country. This will leave her irritating and infuriating.  If you are fond of Russian girls, make sure to choose the one who can speak English fluently. This is a safety measure to avoid future inconveniences.