Differences in Dating in Europe and in America

This post discusses what is different about dating in Europe and in America. Dating in Europe and in America You may be surprised at how someone from a different culture may view dating and that is the precise reason you should be aware of these differences. datingineuropeandinamerica

Difference #1: Paying for dates

In American culture it is typical that the guy pays every time. In Europe however, people mostly split the bill. It is unusual for guys to take care of everything since in Europe that woman is perceived as being dependent. You can offer to pay some of the time but in general this type of thinking comes across as very conservative to most European women.

Difference #2: Dating multiple people at the same time isn’t very acceptable.

In the States it makes sense to date several people at the early stages of any relationship. In Europe, however, the idea makes people uncomfortable. There is an understanding that when you start going out with someone it is exclusive.

Difference #3: It’s not a game!

We’ve all seen the American movies and music videos that portray both men and women acting like dating is a game. In the States people may flirt with you even if they are not into you. It’s different in Europe where flirting comes naturally in a scenario where people actually are attracted to each other. This issue is a hot topic for the debate books. One thing is for certain if a European man or a woman likes you, they will make it clear. If they don’t, they also make it clear.

Difference #4: More casual and less ceremonial.

Let’s have a look at some dating scenarios. Going out on a first date in America, there is always a feeling that you must be formal, present yourself the best way possible, ask the right questions and so forth. In Europe it’s much more like two friends spending time together. There is far less pressure and less expectations. The date is all about having a great time together.

Are you surprised by the differences?

We outlined only a few of the existing differences but this article should let on how different the dating cultures are in Europe and America. Naturally it isn’t the same 100% of the time with everyone but these general behaviours are real. If you’ve gotten intrigued by the European dating scene, maybe it’s the right time to begin dating European women.