Dating Russian Ladies – Impressing the Family

When you’re dating Russian ladies, you should know that it doesn’t differ much from dating other women. Every relationship begins with casual dating and getting to know each other. Then, the dates become more romantic and the relationship more serious. After a while together, many people start considering marriage, however, in Russian culture, it’s necessary to get to know the family first.

Family is one of the most important things to European women and it really is the same with Russian ladies. It’s very important to them that you take time and make an effort to get to know their families. Meeting your future in-laws is a big deal to them and everything has to go well. It can be a bit stressful preparing for your first meeting, so below is a little list that will help you get ready for the most important lunch date of your life.

  •  Be charming

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have natural charm since all you need to do to be charming is be interested in other people. That’s it! You just need to look and feel confident and be active all through your date. Don’t just sit and be quiet or shy; offer to help, share stories, ask questions, and more. If you can do that, they will most certainly love you.

Russian Ladies

  • Say nice things

All men and women feel flattered and happy when other people tell them what a great job they did in raising their children. When you meet your darling’s parents, let them know what a lovely woman they raised. This should be expressed politely. Give her compliments and don’t be afraid to express your feelings for their daughter. This will assure them that your intentions with her are good.

  • Look smart

When you date Russian women you probably already know that they like men who are suitably casual, but still have a sense of style too. The same goes with their family. For sure, they won’t think too much about your style or fashion sence, but it can leave a lasting impression. Just see to it that you portray your good intentions with your image and looks. Get a haircut or shave if required.

  • Offer presents

Bringing gifts to the host is a tradition in Russia. One great present to impress your sweetheart’s mother would be a special bouquet of flowers. Every girl would love to receive beautiful flowers anytime. You could bring a bottle of wine as a gift for her father. He will definitely enjoy this manly gesture and he could even invite you to taste it after dinner (don’t worry, you’re probably not going to finish it in one sitting).

  • Lastly

One last thing to keep in mind before going to the most important dinner of your life is you have to stay sincere. There’s no point pretending to be someone you’re not. Instead, if you manage to show her family how sincere you are, then you will be adored and blessed.

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