Dating Russian Beauties – Meeting the Parents

There are a number of different stages to every relationship and it is the same when you’re dating Russian beauties. Each relationship normally starts with casual dates to understand each other better. Then you will upgrade to the romantic stage where you end up being more intimate and serious. And, after that, wedding bells, right? Nope. You’re going to have to go through the “meet my parents and probably my whole family” stage before you can even make plans for the wedding, particularly with Russian women.

Russian Beauties

Most European women have very close ties to their family so one way or another you’re going to have to meet the folks, along with everyone else in the family if you’re in a serious relationship. This is very true among beautiful Russian women. This will be the family that you’re planning to marry into so it’s kind of a big deal and, of course, you must make a great impression.

Listed below are some simple but important tips you may think about when meeting the family of your wife to be for the first time:

Tip # 1: Look Your Best

When you date Russian beauties, you most likely already know that they like men who are properly casual, but still have a level of style to their suit. The same is true with their loved ones. Although they won’t reprimand you about your taste in fashion, they would absolutely consider your looks and perspective in dressing up to know if you are fit for their daughter or not. Just see to it that you portray this with your image and appearance. Shave if necessary.

Tip # 2: Follow the culture and traditions

Giving gifts is a tradition in Russia. One great gift can be a special bouquet of flowers for the mom to win her over. It’s a nice gesture and you must admit that any woman would value a bouquet of flowers any day of the week.

For her dad, you can offer a bottle of wine as a gift. Certainly, he will love it and he may even ask you to share a few glasses of drink on that same night.

Tip # 3: “Your daughter is the best”

Any father and mother will be flattered if you let them know how great they raised their children. You should convey this pleasantly. Give compliments, be expressive, and let them know and see just how much you cherish their daughter. This just demonstrates well you know their daughter and how sincere your intentions and interests are.

Tip # 4: Shower them with your charm

Being charming doesn’t always mean you have to look really good physically. It is easy. Just look and feel confident and talk actively all throughout your date. Never be quiet, provide compliments, share stories, offer help, and so on. Everyone will love you for it!

As a final point

One last thing before you go the most crucial dinner (or lunch) of your life: be sincere and honest. Do not over do it and don’t fake your way into it. If you are nice and your intents are clear, every parent will see that and will give you their love and full support.

Alex Vidal

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