Dating Beautiful Women: The Rules of International Online Dating

International online dating tips

Just like traditional courting, the international online dating world comes with its own set of rules and guidelines about what kind of behaviour is tolerable and what is not. Whether you’re new to online dating or just need some dating advice, below are a couple of tricks to help you avoid the most common mistakes men make when dating women on the net.

  • Lying about who you are

Nothing will make a woman lose interest faster than figuring out that the man she’s been talking to online is a fraud. You should never lie about important things like your race, nationality, age, political and religious views and financial situation. You also want to make sure you use recent photographs on your profile as you could look very different from what you did twenty years ago. Provided that things go well between you and your online partner, you will meet in person sooner or later and you don’t want to get caught lying.

  • Saying inappropriate things

Lots of men get overwhelmed by the beauty of their online dates and they make the mistake of saying something inappropriate which offends their partner. Making sexual comments about her body, asking about her sexual preferences or requesting sexy photographs right after you met is unacceptable. Being rushed into things is one of the biggest turnoffs for women, so be careful with what you say. There’s nothing wrong with telling a woman you find her beautiful, but it’s never alright to make blue jokes.

International Online Dating

  • Incomplete profile information

Since your profile is in essence a way to advertise yourself, you need to make sure that it is honest and interesting to read. It’s actually a fact that guys who take time to fill out their full profile get a lot more responses than guys who only write a line or two. Describe your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes on your profile. Remember, the more information you add, the bigger your chances of finding your perfect match.

  • Acting needy

Let’s say you’ve found the woman of your dreams and you have crafted the perfect introductory letter. You send it to her with high hopes and refresh your browser every ten minutes to see whether she’s replied yet. After a few days, she hasn’t gotten back to you, so you send her a new letter, and then maybe another one and another one. After a week or so, you’ve lost patience and you may even send her an angry letter asking her not to bother to contact you. While some women do not mind men who are determined, most may find it annoying or scary. You need to be aware that not all women have access to the internet every day, so you really need to be patient. A long-awaited reply doesn’t mean she’s not interested.

  • Being overly aggressive

Once you’ve found the woman who interests you the most, you do not want to drive her away by being too eager or aggressive. Asking her to meet you in person every day when she’s not ready for it could make her lose interest. Some women do appreciate when a man shows enthusiasm, but some are not comfortable with it. Take your time. Get to know each other properly before moving your relationship forward.

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