Date Ukrainian Ladies With Lots of Care

Date Ukrainian Ladies

There are many successful marriages between Ukrainian ladies and foreigners; however, those relationships did not happen overnight. Men who seek date Ukrainian ladies through dating agencies or romance tours must spend the same amount of time, energy and money as they would spend on a relationship in their home country. In fact, it will probably be more costly because airfares, apartment rental and visa expenses must all be factored into the dating game.

This does mean that you should give up on your dream of finding a Ukrainian wife. You should however be aware of some surprising facts that many men don’t discover until they have committed to the dream of a beautiful Ukrainian wife.

Are all Ukrainian women models?

Of course not. They do take good care of their appearance, dress well and wear make-up. Your lady will always look good. Realistically, most Ukrainian ladies who are genuinely seeking a foreign husband will look pleasing but not stunning.

Are all Ukrainian women desperate for a foreign husband?

No they aren’t. Ukrainian men are not famous for their charm, faithfulness or commitment but women are afraid to leave their families and move to a place where they have no friends and limited language skills. This is a big commitment and only a small percentage of women carry through with it. There are more foreign men looking for Ukrainian wives than women willing to take the risk.

Are all Ukrainian women desperately poor?

No they aren’t.  In recent years the standard of living in major cities has improved. The women who apply to dating sites may be struggling financially but they are not desperately poor. Consider the fact that they have Internet access, money for clothes and make up and the luxury of time to talk to you. Some women, of course, are paid by unscrupulous agencies which charge you for talking, so be careful.

As of October 2014, parts of Eastern and Western Ukraine are suffering turmoil. It is unlikely that women from these areas are on Internet dating sites in the hope of being released from their troubles through foreign marriage.  How would you even be able to visit those areas to meet your lady?

It comes as a surprise to some men when they find that their Ukrainian lady likes to spend money on herself. She may be more thrifty than western women, but, she will still desire clothes, shoes and items to make her home attractive.

Are Ukrainian women polite and courteous?

On the contrary, due to cultural differences, Ukrainian ladies are more forthright and direct than in the west where we try not to hurt people’s feelings. It is quite acceptable for them to express opinions and tell you exactly what they think. In the home, Ukrainian women are used to being in charge. They hope that a foreign husband will be more willing to share household chores but you will still have to do it her way. If you are looking for a glorified housemaid, a strong-willed Ukrainian lady may not live up to expectations.

Do they have bad habits?

There are some cultural behaviors that westerners may consider rude, such as not always standing in lines. A large percentage of women in the Ukraine smoke, so be prepared.

There are capable, genuine, bright, caring and loyal Ukrainian ladies looking for foreign husbands on legitimate dating sites. Just don’t believe the hype and get to know your lady personally before making a big commitment. Be aware that the timid, obedient, compliant lady who worships you solely as her lord and master doesn’t exist in the Ukraine. In fact, she probably doesn’t exist anywhere.