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Sites which offer single girls from Russia and Ukraine are in-combat in Federal Court

The disagreement has come up over unjust competition, unlawful utilization of Anastasia‘s trademark, false advertisement and so forth. The hearings are being heard in the Manhattan Federal Court. For their webpage, Anastasia takes advantage of the websites Anastasiadate together with Regardless of the belief that EM Online are based in the United States, they’re actually based in Australia.

“The Complaintant provides an international online dating service which, for a fee, matches men in the U.S with girls found in Russia and Ukraine. By far the most targeted section of the U,S is The Big Apple”, declares the report. “EM Online directly infringes upon Anastasia’s market. “Upon info and belief, Elena’s Models runs or sponsors website pages known as ‘’ and ‘'”. The websites’ owners can’t be identified as a result of a proxy service being utilized, which makes things suspicious unsurprisingly. To make matters much more distrustful, these web sites redirect whomever is viewing them to These websites accuse Anastasiadate of methodically perpetuating scams and deceptive deceptions upon their customers, and then suggest that the clients use Elena’s Models, which allegedly does not follow these methods. “The website is designed to reveal and uncover emails composed by the girls who have accounts on The email messages are duplicated, and report that females shown on aren’t really women looking for love, according to they’re just ladies who are paid out to talk with men These claims are false, and also the emails from the women appear to be fake. Anastasiadate goes to great length to make certain that the men.”

Online DatingThe complaint states that EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, given that they know that what they’re saying is bogus, and that the e-mails were written with the sole motive of wrongly halting Anastasiadate’s business. Quite unjustly, Elena’s Models is using to ward off any competition so that it can prosper at their expense. “While attempting to hide under the cover of an independent, impartial forum site, actually selectively picks out the positive comments about Elena’s Models and promotes that, while trying to throw other competition aside. Almost nothing about Anastasiadate is true on this site, as it is very clear that the details have been twisted to shun a poor light on Anastasiadate,” or so the accusation says.

According to Anastasia, has also made illegal utilisation of the branded logo to allure customers. “Using metatags making use of the Anastasiadate logos, defend[ant] has positioned both internet websites in order that they come up at or near the top of any web search for Anastasiadate,” the complaint states. Anastasiadate, not surprisingly, are pressing for charges. It is represented by Richard C. Yeskoo with Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn., checked Thursday, offers American guys the ” the planet’s most beautiful women!” “It’s not possible to find a better online dating service any place else,” the site says. The web page describes itself as “the easiest way to find real women online, with the best consumer protection available on a dating site.”

On the site, also checked out Thursday, an unknown author says he will tell readers “only the truth” about Anastasia date. He claims Anastasiadate pays third-party agencies to hire “females” who are paid to talk with customers. He claims that he knows this just because a woman he chatted with in Ukraine had informed him how Anastasiadate works. Women are guaranteed lots of money and decent working hours, just by chatting and emailing American men, by a third party company attached to Anastasiadate. The only listed qualifications are to be 18 or older, to know English, and to know how to make use of a computer, according to the website.

This writer claims the lady he corresponded with urged him to sign up for Elena’s Models, calling it “a professional site.”

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