Best Online Dating Advice Straight From The Ladies

Want insight into what experiences women have had when online dating? In this article, we share what the ladies think of dating online and the men who do the same. This article helps you understand which mistakes you may be making and how to avoid them. Let’s have a look:

1. Being Too Frank?

online datingIt turns out that you don’t want to be too upfront with the ladies. While it is important to convey what it is you are looking for, it must be done with some reservations. Even if you are only looking to have some fun(which is perfectly okay), you don’t want to blurt it out. Or if you are only dating Asian women because they are exotic – don’t tell them that. Huge turn-off!

2. Insecurity

Any insecurity is unflattering and especially so in online dating where there is less pressure than in the so-called “real life” dating. Women say they deeply dislike someone who is impatient and therefore seems insecure. If you wrote to someone on Monday and they haven’t responded by Friday then don’t bombard them with more messages. Be patient and wait for a response. If you don’t get one then simply move on.

3. Not Being True To Your Word

Another thing ladies don’t appreciate is a guy that does not keep his word. If you say you are going to meet someone, but something comes up, and you stay away for several weeks then don’t be surprised that upon your return, the woman is no longer interested in chatting to you. Disappearing acts make the women think you aren’t taking online dating seriously.

4. Taking it Too Slow

Ladies state that taking things too slow in online dating is a turn off for them as well. If you have had a great conversation and also have video chatted already then if possible then propose meeting up in person. Otherwise, the women feel that you aren’t that interested in them.