What to Avoid While You’re with Eastern European Woman

Eastern European Woman

There are many do’s and don’ts of a relationship. In any case what everybody wants is a relationship that would last forever. But, to build that type of a relationship with an Eastern European Woman, you’ll have to be on your toes all the time! It is not that difficult, and with some help you’ll be able to do just fine!

To help you there are some things that you should definitely avoid if you are in the process of or want to start dating any Eastern European Woman. Experience counts a lot. A person learns from his mistakes; and if he does not, then he is just plain stupid! I mean how can you call a girl “motherly” when all she wants to do is impress you? (Keep in mind that you don’t have kids!). You would get kicked for sure, and mind it, it wouldn’t just be a friendly kick under the table you are dining at!

The five things you should avoid while dating a Eastern European woman are as follows:

  1. Blabbing About Yourself

Please don’t talk too much. Your date will surely take off her stilettos and run for it if you don’t let her have a say too. We have all heard that women talk too much, well, there is no denying that, but trust me, men talk a lot too. If she talks, she’s sharing her life with you and wants you to acknowledge it, silently of course! You might not be able to empathize but at least you can sympathize!

  1. Don’t Be Over Smart

You think you can compliment her on anything and everything? You are wrong. Divide your compliments in different days, if all goes well. Too much compliments in just one day would lose their importance. She wants to trust you and the trust starts with something as simple as that.

  1. Don’t Impress Her with Money

She’s not a gold-digger for God’s sake! A first date should look like a first date. It should not be too expensive or too cheap. Just a little place somewhere romantic should do wonders! She’s not after your money, she’s after you! Not everybody wants money. It cannot buy happiness, trust, loyalty or love.

  1. Don’t Shy Away

Eye contact is very important. Whatever you say when you are looking into somebody’s eyes holds more importance than what you say in the air. Looking into her eyes would form a deep connection, and build trust as well. It goes way down the surface of your relationship; she’d know you aren’t lying.

  1. Being Serious All the Time

Who doesn’t want somebody who can make them laugh? Humor is the first and foremost requirement for most people. It eases reservations like nothing else! You make her laugh and she’ll warm up to you in no time at all!

Easter European woman isn’t difficult to handle. Why would she be? These women are just like ordinary women, but more charming and fun-loving but definitely not gold-diggers.