How to Attract the Attention of a Russian Woman

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Impressing a Russian woman

If you’ve been interested in dating a Russian woman for some time now, you might be wondering just how to impress these gorgeous creatures and how to keep them interested. Men with money tend to think that flaunting their wealth is the best way to catch a woman’s attention, but it doesn’t always work with Russian women. In truth, there are plenty of other things to do if you want to impress the women you meet online. Here’s a little list of things that should make you more attractive to beautiful online ladies.

Learn how to be confident when talking to your partner online

Most women find men who look and act confidence very sexy and attractive. They like men who are self-assured, because it makes them feel like he is worth the effort. Guys who are a little bit reserved or shy don’t have to worry as talent is not really necessary to project confidence, it’s an obtainable skill which can be practised. Put yourself in a position where you’re forced to speak to people to gain confidence and find different role play exercises which let you practice it. Just be sure you’re taking this seriously. It won’t be long before you notice how your new-found confidence is benefiting you in your personal life as well as other areas.

Make sure your profile photo makes you look friendly and approachable

Since your profile photo is the first thing a woman sees when she’s browsing the net, it needs to be a good one. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look like a male model to attract the attention of a Russian woman. These women are raised to value inner beauty over appearances and they want to find a man who is interesting and loving rather than someone who just looks good.

You need to prepare well for taking the photo: choose the time of day where you can have natural light, shave and get a haircut, buy an outfit which makes you feel comfortable and look good at the same time. Clean up the background as you don’t want any clutter on the photo. The most important thing is to smile and appear natural, don’t take strict poses, instead just try to relax. Smiling or laughing on a photo will make you look friendlier and more approachable.

Email a bunch of women at the same time

Take a look at the profiles of available single women and email those ladies who you find the most attractive. Worst case scenario, the woman doesn’t reply to your email, so you’ve got pretty much nothing to lose. If the woman is interested in your profile, she might email you back and you could have a fantastic experience with some of the most beautiful Russian women. What you might be wondering is whether the above tips work with every woman. Naturally, this can not be guaranteed as it’s not sure that two specific people find each other attractive. However, using these tips and connecting with stunning Russian women online will bring you another step closer to finding the woman of your dreams.