date with a Russian woman

Being with Russian women means embracing her traditions, her family and her culture. There are some major differences in your cultures and you need to learn what those are. Some of them are very surprising. We’ve created this article as a way for you to have a peek at what you will need to adapt to:

1. Saunas!

Russians are huge fans of the Sauna. They have fun sayings about going to saunas and it wouldn’t hurt if you learned a few. The most used one is “Congratulations on a good Sauna!” Sounds funny but it makes perfect sense in that culture.

2. How are you?

In the West this is seen as a standard greeting and it can be answered with a simple “I’m great and you?” However, it isn’t the same in the East. When someone asks you how you are you are expected to answer exactly how it is. They are showing real interest in what is going on with you. If you don’t want to answer then be polite about it.

3. Smiling isn’t common.

This sounds so strange but Russians don’t smile a lot. A smile is a special thing that is shared with family and friends. You won’t be walking on the streets of Moscow and find too many people that beam back at you. When you’re in an intimate place with your friends or the girl you’re dating it’s different.

4. New Year’s is another Christmas.

In the West Christmas is typically celebrate with a tree and with gifts. In Russia, however it is different and during that week, nothing much happen. They put up a Christmas tree and presents on the New Year’s Eve.

5. Lots of eating.

Eating with Russians is an amazing experience. They don’t just sit down, eat and move on to something else. When there is the smallest get-together they fill the table up with tons of food and spend hours chatting, drinking and eating. It’s like a party all the time.

6. Making friends is easier.

In the West, it is seen as weird to invite someone you don’t know very well over for a cup of coffee. However, it is very common in Russia. They are very hospitable by nature. This sounds unusual considering how they’re not crazy over smiling but it is still very much true. Not only is making friends easy in Russia, those friends you make are also fiercely loyal.

Any surprises on the list?

It is important to know these ways when you’re dating Russian women. You don’t want to come across rude or simply clueless. Embrace these interesting differences and have fun dating Russian women.

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