If you are interested in dating Russian women there is something very important you need to be aware of – they come from a culture that has many superstitions about relationships. Your awareness is important if you want to avoid presenting your Russian date with an offensive present(with no knowledge that it is in fact offensive). Here is a list of some of the most common Russian relationship superstitions:

Superstition no. 1 – Feet

If you happen to step on your girlfriend’s foot by accident, she will feel like she needs to do the same thing to you so don’t be surprised. This particular Russian relationship superstition states that if the other person doesn’t do this, the couple will soon have a big fight. Russian Dating Websites

Superstition no. 2 – Looking Back

This superstition applies to looking back on your way to church. Everyone must resist the urge to do that even if they pass something that has caught their eye. This superstition is about not looking back to your former home, former lifestyle, former partner and former life. If you look back on your way to church you will not be happy with your new life as a married man.

Superstition no. 3 – Rings

This superstition says that one should never remove the wedding ring off and show it to others. In the west it is very common for someone to ask to see someone’s ring and it is common to comply with their wishes. However in Russia that is completely unacceptable. It would represent taking your love and happiness and giving it all away to that person.

So if you marry a Russian woman and someone asks to see your ring then show it off by holding your hand up.

Superstition no. 4 & 5 – Flowers

Flowers are considered the most appropriate present when you are dating someone but there are two very important things you must remember before you head to the flower shop to buy any.

1. Don’t Buy Yellow – Do not go for yellow. This colour is tied to a superstition that states that if you give your girlfriend yellow flowers you and her will have a big fight soon.

2. Odd is Best(dates and gifts) – We don’t actually mean strange flowers like black roses or so forth. What we are indicating to is the number of flowers you must give. It has to do with the superstition that states that odd numbers work best for gifts and even numbers are given at funerals.

Superstition no. 6 – Cards

Are you a fan of playing cards? Russians believe that those who engage in playing are unlucky in love. We don’t know why but this seems to only apply to men and women who are not married yet.

Interested in Finding Out More?

This concludes our list of Russian relationship superstitions. We don’t quite know where all of them originate from but you must admit that they are fascinating. Come back soon for more posts about Russian dating, Russian culture and more.