There are plenty of words that describe these amazing women but this article focuses on 5 of the most heard ones. Judge for yourself if these words match your experience. Here is the list of words that best describe Russian women:

1. Strong

Russian womenRussian women are strong. Under this word file others like proud, patriotic and so on. They are very proud of their country’s history, traditions and culture. Their strength shows in having tough personalities, being capable of going through hard times and holding the family together. When they have created a family they are like mother lions. Nothing could break them apart. They are wonderful partners because they are reliable no matter what is going on.

2. Feminine

The first word doesn’t mean these ladies don’t have a feminine side. It’s the opposite – Russian women are very feminine. They adore make up, taking care of themselves, going to the gym, dressing up and so on. They love to look feminine at all times – they dress up even for going to the supermarket. When you date these ladies it wouldn’t hurt for you to brush up on your appearance as well.

3. Family-oriented

As we mentioned before, Russian women are like mother lions when it comes to their family. They are very closed to their loved ones and are very interested in creating a family of their own. They do get a great education and have career interests but if necessary, that is all set aside for the sake of a functional and happy family life.

4. Supportive

With a Russian woman as a partner you never have to worry about her approval. They understand their role in the relationship. It is about partnership – they are there for you when times are tough. When you have your issues to deal with and you need space, you will get it. Russian women grew up in a rather conservative setting so they have an understanding of how to be a good partner for their man.


Dating Russian women is an amazing time. When you set out to do that, make sure you brush up on your knowledge about Russian dating in order for anything to go smoothly.