Let’s say you’re here because you have found a Ukrainian lady you want to date. What can you do to tip the odds in your favour? We have come up with 5 helpful tips to better your chances with a Ukrainian woman:

Tip nr.1 – Dress Well

First impressions are very important. Physical appearance is the first thing people notice even if we wouldn’t like to admit it. To better your chances with a Ukrainian woman you need to pay attention to how you look. Women in Ukraine love to look great and they are interested in guys that would appreciate that and match them. We suggest you dress as if you’re going for a business lunch meeting. If you’re not sure how to put your outfit together then ask for a friend’s help or go to a shopping mall where you can get advice from the store. Ukrainian women

Tip nr. 2 – Be Masculine Yet Romantic

This may sound like a contradiction but women in general want guys that are confident and able to be romantic as well. Be a true gentleman: open doors, help her with the coat, help her to her seat, help her out of the car – you know the charming prince thing. When you bring women from that part of the world flowers you should keep in mind that there is a cultural thing with them. Flowers must be given in odd numbers, since numbered flowers are meant for sad occasions. Keep this tip in mind. Another useful tip is to not try to speak her language before you have really mastered it. Speak confidently in your own language and have a translator translate if need be.

Tip nr. 3 – Show Interest in Her

When we say show interest we mean show interest in who she is as a person. Ask her questions about her daily life, her past, her hobbies and so on. Show genuine interest in her answers. You can get helpful tips about what places to take her and what presents to get her in the future. Finding common ground with someone is also a lot of great fun. We recommend you keep from asking questions about religion, money, politics and ex-lovers. All of these can lead you into a huge argument so it’s better to leave it alone.

Tip nr. 4 – Make Her Laugh

Show her your funny side. Every woman loves a man that can make them laugh. Try to keep away from topics we mentioned in the above point and try to be spontaneous and genuine with your jokes so it doesn’t seem as if you’re trying too hard. Try to get some clues about what she considers funny when you’re in conversations.

Tip nr. 5 – Show Her You Respect Her

Despite the fact that Ukrainian women love to be flirtatious they still view dating in the old fashioned way. Don’t expect any intimacy on the first night out. Build a relationship with her before you try to enter that area. Show her that you’re a true gentleman that has respect for her. Treat her like she’s a princess and be patient with your Ukrainian sweetheart.