If you are unaware of the many cultural differences between you and your Russian date then the whole dating process will be an uphill battle for you. People do have some similarities across the globe but a lot of the behaviour is influenced by culture. That is the reason whe created this article – to help you out when you begin dating Russian women.

1. Russian women always look good.

Russian womenThis may even be an understatement because Russian women actually dress up even if they are only going to the supermarket. In most other countries going to the supermarket means wearing sweat pants, flip flops and an over-sized t-shirt. Not with Russian ladies. They are very feminine so when you ask them on dates – be ready to wait for a couple of hours before they are ready to go out.

2. Gifts/Romance.

In the West there is a lot of emphasis put on words when it comes to dating. In Russia it is much more about action. It is customary to give people presents for almost any occasion. Dating is no exeption. The gifts you get don’t need to be expensive. Just thoughtful. For example a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers will do just fine.

3. Be a gentleman.

Russian men are often portraid as very macho and it leads people to thinking that that is what the women are interested in then. However it is the other way around – women are used to being treated as ladies. Meaning that the men actually behave like gentlemen when it comes to dating. Do simple things like pay on the first couple of dates. Help her to her seat and so on.

4. Women are ladies.

This goes partly together with the previous point. Women are treated as ladies and they behave that way as well. The Russian society is still very conservative and the women are very feminine. They will let you do all the boy things you are interested in and expect you to have some of their girl time as well.

5. Defining the relationship.

Russians think they are in a relationship a lot faster than your average westerner does. It doesn’t take much more than some dates before you are exclusive. There definitely isn’t any dating several people at the same time action when dating Russian women. This may spook you a little bit but know that Russian women are very loyal to the ones they choose to date.


These are a few of the key differences in dating Russian women and dating Western women. How did you find them? Do you have anything to add from your own experience? We’d be happy to hear from you. Until then, enjoy your dating and come back soon for more Russian dating tips.